New Paintings at Flying Squirrel Gallery

I’m looking forward to opening a new show at the Flying Squirrel Gallery in Livingston on Friday,September 27th. For the past year I’ve been collaborating long-distance with Todd Kenseth, a poet friend who currently calls Missouri home. We’ve been exchanging ideas, poems and paintings to create a unique body of work that explores contemporary western themes, personal reflections and fictional narratives.

Leveret © 2013 Brad Bunkers


A melding of painting and poetry, the exhibit will cut wide swaths thematically, contrasting a wide range of subjects and styles. The diversity of the work comes from a fluid creative process. Todd and I have loosely worked together, at times literally interpreting one another’s work, other times taking random detours to explore our own curiosities. Collectively the paintings and poems take on new meaning, layering complexities and meshing dissimilar stories to create some interesting, if not pleasant, surprises.

As my work has evolved over the years, I’ve become more and more fixated on going beyond my comfort zone. I’ve enjoyed exploring new territory outside my tidy little sandbox–playing with new mediums, techniques and genres. This new body or work is a great example of this progression in my work. To me painting is just another form of story telling and by expanding my artistic lexicon, I hope to broaden the conversation and engage viewers in unexpected ways.

I recently came across an old quote I had stashed away in my studio that reads, “Live the questions now…” Not sure I fully understand this, but I’m at least moving the ball down the path.

Hope to see you at the opening on Friday, September 27th.


Transference: Exchanges in Pigment and Ink

Paintings by Brad Bunkers / Poems by Todd Kenseth

Sept. 27th, 5:30-9:00 PM, Livingston Artwalk

Flying Squirrel Gallery, Livingston, MT


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