Poetry Illustrations for Livingston Current

© Brad Bunkers, Love illustration


Each year the Livingston Current produces an entire issue devoted to local poetry and this year I was fortunate to illustrate the edition. It was the perfect opportunity to combine my two passions — painting and graphic design (yes, I have other passions but beef stew, trains and gardening were out of the question). As editor of HoboEye.com I’ve enjoyed playing at the intersection of visual art, music and poetry and I’ve always admired the raw, untainted nature of poetry as an artistic medium.

I decided to go with a pop-culture collage style, loading the quiver with found digital imagery, old diagrams, vintage photos, and obscure film references. The over-saturated color and magnified halftone dots unite the random imagery — with a large dominant element acting as anchor, delivering tension/drama.

Like a compelling poem, I felt the illustrations needed to transcend the mundane with layered duplicity.

A special thanks to the Current and Reilly Neill. To learn more about the Livingston poetry scene, stop in at Elk River Books and visit with Marc Beaudin.


© Brad Bunkers, Love illustration

"Love Punch Time" © Brad Bunkers










© Brad Bunkers illustration and design

"Redtail Roadie" © Brad Bunkers








© Brad Bunkers

"Blacktop Bonnie" © Brad Bunkers









© Brad Bunkers

"Love's Caliber" © Brad Bunkers













© Brad Bunkers

"Armchair Mission" © Brad Bunkers













One Response to Poetry Illustrations for Livingston Current
  1. earl craig

    These look great in color. Walken pops out nicely now, in LOVE FIST. Puts a nice spin on things. Also, the red in the hunting/lips one is powerful–and RAW.