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Instrumentation of Being wraps up

Brad Bunkers with crew

Thanks to everyone who helped with the IOB installation. The show was well received by all and the opening night was a Livingston Art Walk to remember. A big thanks to my sweet family, Mary and Ignatius; ninja poet, Earl Craig; and the brilliant improv cast: Relly Friedman, Quint Bishop, Margot Zell, and Jenny Jo…

L.H.O.O.Q.: Avant-garde Iconoclasm or Kitsch

If we think of kitsch as a ‘style’ of bad taste, we arrive at another paradox, much deeper and more puzzling that the one just pointed out, namely the earlier mentioned possibility of consciously using bad taste (i.e., kitsch) in order to subvert the conventions of a ‘good taste’ that eventually leads to the sclerosis…

Beyond Shock, the Fountain Still Stands

Pubic hairs imbedded in soap bars, revolting inhumane acts caught on film, garish reproductions of Michael Jackson and puppies. Contemporary artists working within the realm of shock are often linked back to Marcel Duchamp. On the surface, these lesser-skilled boobs give the impression of working in the Duchampian paradigm by exploiting the vernacular, capitalizing on…

John Cage on Duchamp

Seems Pollock tried to do it—paint on glass It was in a movie. There was an admission of failure. That wasn’t the way to proceed. It’s not a question of doing again what Duchamp already did. We must nowadays nevertheless be able to look through to what’s beyond—as though we were in it looking out….